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Songweavers Women’s Chorus presents Earth Day-themed concert in Concord

04-17-2024 10:00 AM

The Songweavers Women’s Chorus with Director Jennie O’Brien present a special Earth Day-themed concert, Mother Earth, Our Home on Saturday, April 20 at 5 p.m. at the South Congregational Church (27 Pleasant St in Concord).Joining the singers will be...

NH Furniture Masters present new member show this spring

04-17-2024 9:00 AM

The NH Furniture Masters are pleased to feature the work of three new members in our spring exhibition: Dan Faia, Mike Korsak, and Philip Morley. This exhibit celebrates the creativity and dedication of our newest members and brings together a diverse...

Sunapee Kearsarge Intercommunity Theater presents ‘Olympus On My Mind’ in April

04-17-2024 6:00 AM

SKIT, the Sunapee Kearsarge Intercommunity Theater, presents Olympus On My Mind, a funny, sometimes poignant, off Broadway musical featuring gods being naughty!Lessons are learned, delightful songs are sung, toes are tapped and this gem will leave you...

Vintage Views: The greatest factory that never was

04-13-2024 2:00 PM

It was almost two hundred years ago when our Concord ancestors thought and planned and then they planned and thought again. They dreamed about what could be and about the riches that might follow. A period of time commonly referred to as the Second...

Inspired by Robert Frost, New Hampshire Poet Laureate Jennifer Militello has achieved her childhood dreams

04-13-2024 8:00 AM


As a child growing up in Rhode Island, Jennifer Militello dreamt of moving to New Hampshire and becoming a poet – both goals which she attributes in part to Robert Frost.In her preteen years, Militello fell in love with the poetry of the longtime...

From the archives: Civil War brewing

04-13-2024 7:00 AM


Although no Civil War battle was fought in New Hampshire, the stage was set here.Throughout the 1840s and 1850s, New Hampshire politicians were split over the issue of slavery. Disagreements between Franklin Pierce and John P. Hale, the first...

From the farm: Celebrate springtime

04-12-2024 4:23 PM

Despite all the snow, spring is bursting forth in warmth and mud. Spring air smells different from winter. Winter has no scent, but spring brings a rich, musty fragrance that seeps up through snow like smoke rising from a chimney.After a long, snowy...

Comedy explores Greek mythology in Warner

04-10-2024 8:00 AM

SKIT’s “Olympus On My Mind,” a comedic off-Broadway musical exploring Greek mythology and the naughty side of gods, will take the stage next week. The cast includes Judy Thackaberry, Angela Tarleton, Kristi Upton, Susan Schott, Kevin Tarleton, Larry...

National Water Dances comes to NH

04-10-2024 8:00 AM

Coming together on Saturday, April 20 are hundreds of dancers from across the country to perform a site-specific dance at a river, a bay, the ocean, a fountain or any water site nearby. From Seattle to Mississippi, Maine to California, New Hampshire...

Concord Community Concert Association presents William Florian’s ‘Those Were the Days’ at Concord City Auditorium

04-10-2024 7:00 AM

The Concord Community Concert Association presents famed folk artist William Florian’s show, ‘Those Were the Days’ at Concord City Auditorium on Saturday, April 13, at 7:30 p.m. The performance is presented by the Concord Community Concert Association...

Webinar: Sound mastery with Gerry Putnam

04-09-2024 4:00 PM

Join  for an exclusive webinar with Gerry Putnam, renowned sound producer and owner of CedarHouse Sound & Mastering in New Hampshire on April 11 at 5:30 p.m.With over 37 years of experience, Gerry offers unparalleled expertise in sound production,...

Hopkinton gallery features water-themed artworks

04-09-2024 3:00 PM

In the upcoming exhibition at Two Villages Art Society (TVAS) in Hopkinton, three artists explore the subject of water in all its guises, from tides to tears. The exhibit opens Saturday, April 13 at the gallery at 846 Main Street in the village of...

Majestic Theatre presents the comedy Birthday Club on April 12-14

04-09-2024 12:37 PM

Five women get together for their birthdays in Birthday Club, a play by Phil Olson, each with her own story, to drink, celebrate, commiserate and support each other as they negotiate through marriage, work, divorce, birth and kids, while solving the...

Vintage Views: Gingerbread and Militiamen – The Columbian Hotel

04-06-2024 10:00 AM

The children sat anxiously as the schoolmaster continued to lecture to them on this cool fall day, with great anticipation they secretly wished for the afternoon lesson to conclude in order to restore their freedom. As young William glanced out the...

From the farm: Are cows better than horses?

04-06-2024 9:00 AM


Like many girls, I wanted a pony when I was growing up. That was long ago – in the ‘50s when the Sears catalog was the Internet marketplace of the day. When the 400-page catalog arrived, I would search for the page advertising a $200 pinto pony that,...

Forget the snow – take a Ferris Wheel ride Sunday morning in NH

04-05-2024 8:48 AM

It may still look like winter out there, but one sure sign of warmer months to come is a Ferris Wheel. The public is invited to go along for a ride on Sunday morning in the parking lot of The Barn on the Pemi in Plymouth.The Ferris Wheel is already...

Twiggs Gallery in Boscawen reopens for the season on April 6

04-03-2024 7:00 AM

Twiggs Gallery in Boscawen reopens for the season on Saturday, April 6. “Pushing Our Boundaries,” Twiggs Gallery’s first exhibit for the 2024 season opens on April 6. The spring exhibition showcases the collaborative talent of four League of NH...

A poetry reading with Ewa Cruschiel in Newbury

04-03-2024 6:00 AM

Newbury Public Library & The John Hay Literary Society present a poetry reading with Ewa Cruschiel on Monday, April 8 at 7 p.m. at The Newbury Vets Hall.Ewa has four books of poems in English: Yours, Purple Gallinule (Omnidawn 2022), Of Annunciations...

Concord’s favorite trade show returns April 16

04-02-2024 5:00 PM

On Tuesday, April 16, companies from across the Greater Concord region will showcase their products and services at the 33rd Annual Business Showcase. This vibrant trade show, hosted by the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, brings together nearly...

NH singer-songwriter Katie Dobbins releases latest single Giants

04-02-2024 3:58 PM

Renowned local singer-songwriter Katie Dobbins is set to release her latest single Giants, an empowering anthem that encourages listeners to overcome life’s obstacles and believe in their own strength. The song draws inspiration from Katie’s personal...

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