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Granite Geek: Finding answers to big problems is hard when you can’t attach numbers to them

02-12-2024 3:06 PM


You have probably heard the phrase “data is not the plural of anecdote,” meaning that evidence which has been gathered systematically is far more valuable than a collection of individual stories.I certainly have heard it, and I have used it myself,...

What increased flooding means for NH energy infrastructure

02-12-2024 3:06 PM


When historic high-tide flooding struck Hampton Beach on a Saturday in January, Unitil received reports of submerged natural gas service meters and regulators. Gas technicians decided to proactively conduct door-to-door inspections – approximately...

Difficult driving, closed schools, canceled flights: What to expect from Northeast snowstorm

02-12-2024 3:03 PM


HARTFORD, Conn. — Parts of the Northeast were preparing Monday for a coastal storm that was expected to pack high winds and dump a foot or more of snow in some areas, leading to school closures, warnings against traveling by road and the possible...

New England will have more than enough electricity in three years, but it could get pricey

02-12-2024 10:46 AM


ISO-New England, the folks who run the six-state power grid, have announced results for the latest capacity auction, which pays power plants a fixed amount regardless of their output, a system designed to make sure there will be enough electricity...

Insurance fraud claims surge in NH

02-12-2024 10:32 AM


There are many reasons that New Hampshire saw a record increase in insurance fraud claims last year. One of them might surprise you.“Adobe Pro has been a real game-changer for us,” said Brendhan Harris, Fraud Director at the New Hampshire Insurance...

Thanks to these Hometown co-winners, seniors in Penacook and Boscawen live a flexible life

02-12-2024 10:29 AM


The latest candidate for the Monitor’s Hometown Hero award, Lawre Murphy of Boscawen, strongly believed that her partner in keeping seniors on their toes, Brenda Bartlett, deserved the honor more than she did.Bartlett happened to be the woman who...

Earn while you learn: NH Veterans Home nursing course applications open

02-12-2024 10:28 AM


The New Hampshire Veterans Home has opened its applications for its Licensed Nursing Assistant Trainee (LNAT) course, offering aspiring nurses an opportunity to earn while they learn.Students enrolled in the program will receive training and will also...

Warner residents to vote on select board expansion to five members

02-12-2024 10:28 AM


Christine Frost recognizes the many duties of a select board member in Warner. Sometimes they need to know the role of a town librarian. Other times, they’re a town historian. And they’re often equal parts rule-setter and follower. She believes it’s a...

One dead, two injured in Concord crash on Hopkinton Road

02-12-2024 10:12 AM


One person died at the scene of a two-vehicle crash on Hopkinton Road near St. Paul’s School on Monday morning, while two others were transported to Concord Hospital with injuries, according to Concord Police.The collision occurred at the edge of a...

State Police join Hopkinton car chase to help catch juvenile driver in stolen vehicle

02-11-2024 3:05 PM

State Police joined officers from Henniker and Hopkinton who tried to stop a driver speeding through their towns in a stolen vehicle late Saturday night, authorities said.Around 11:25 p.m., state troopers were asked to assist with a motor vehicle...

Too warm for mushers: World Championship Sled Dog Derby cancelled

02-11-2024 11:11 AM


The 95th World Championship Sled Dog Derby will have to wait until next year, as the Lakes Region Sled Dog Club has announced that conditions are not suitable for a race this year.The event, which draws mushers and sled dog teams from across the U.S....

Government transparency advocates prevail in slowing bill with public records fee

02-11-2024 11:02 AM


Under heavy lobbying from government transparency advocates, the House reversed itself Thursday and agreed to rethink a bill it passed last week that would allow communities to charge up to $25 an hour to fulfill requests for public records when doing...

Law in the Marketplace: Sole proprietors versus SMLLC

02-11-2024 10:00 AM


As readers may know, a newly effective federal law called the Corporate Transparency Act (the “CTA”) provides that almost all entities formed under U.S. state law except sole proprietorships must, by set deadlines, file reports with FinCEN, the U.S....

Testerman won’t step down despite removal from Merrimack County GOP leadership

02-11-2024 9:00 AM


Karen Testerman is not backing down.After the New Hampshire GOP Executive Committee voted 28-0 to remove her from her position as Merrimack County Chair, she refused to resign. Instead, she’ll carry on steering the ship as best she can until county...

“Ice-in” on Lake Winnipesaukee declared Friday, the latest date on record

02-11-2024 8:00 AM


If you’re waiting for one of the signs that winter has finally arrived in New Hampshire – the declaration of “ice-in” at Lake Winnipesaukee – it’s been touch and go all season.“I’m thinking this year we’re not going to see it,” said Dave Emerson of...

Right on cue: Penacook to add billiards hall to a growing entertainment scene

02-11-2024 5:00 AM


Once, the clanging of weights and humming of treadmills filled the 6,500 square-foot facility adjacent to the Thirty Pines plaza across Burough Road.Soon, though, a new sound – the crackling of pool balls smashing together – will join Penacook’s...

Marine from Dover killed in California helicopter crash

02-10-2024 12:30 PM

One of the five Marines killed in a California helicopter crash last week was a decorated soldier from Dover.Capt. Jack Casey was one of the pilots of the CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter that went down in the mountains outside San Diego during a...

National Guard unit returns home after deployment to Middle East

02-09-2024 1:29 PM

Hundreds of soldiers from the Army National Guard made it back home after ten months in the Middle East.They arrived at the Manchester armory into the waiting arms of family, friends and loved ones.Brielle Torressen of Belmont held her son Revere as...

Pittsfield School District faces 5.5% budget increase

02-09-2024 12:56 PM


The same three factors cited by local school districts for driving up budgets – increased insurance costs, investment in special education and raises for workers – are behind the same trend in Pittsfield.At the annual school district deliberative...

Dunbarton’s budget increase offset by surplus funds

02-09-2024 12:34 PM


For Dunbarton residents, the town has achieved a minimal 1.15% increase in its operating budget by utilizing surplus fund balances to support a portion of operational costs, effectively easing the burden on taxpayers.Selectman David Nault credits the...

Displaying articles 101 to 120 out of 3565 total.
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