NH singer-songwriter Katie Dobbins releases latest single Giants

Published: 04-02-2024 3:58 PM

Renowned local singer-songwriter Katie Dobbins is set to release her latest single Giants, an empowering anthem that encourages listeners to overcome life’s obstacles and believe in their own strength. The song draws inspiration from Katie’s personal experiences, delivering a powerful message of resilience and self-confidence.

In Giants, the verses describe a relationship where the singer has felt belittled and diminished by her partner, with pre-choruses demonstrating the toxic thinking this can generate through lyrics like “don’t take too much space, my mind said.” With slight lyrical variation, the choruses compare this overshadowing person to a giant that makes others feel small. For Dobbins, the giant in this song represents a compilation of real people, thought patterns generated in her own mind, and challenges that have sometimes felt larger than life - impossible to overcome. The singer’s confidence grows as the song progresses, her character development revealed lyrically and culminating with the mantras “Giants are make-believe,” “Acting small just makes me good at lying,” and undertone echoes that sing out “I’m not afraid.” The song aims to serve as a source of inspiration for anyone facing self-limiting beliefs or seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

Originally written as a piano ballad, Giants was transformed into a dynamic full-band piece during its production at Rocking Horse Studio in New Hampshire, where Katie collaborated with talented musicians Eric Wagley (drums), Chris Noyes (bass), Brian Coombes (synthesizers), Myron Kibbee and Josh Kimball (electric guitars). The decision to expand the musical arrangement reflects Katie’s desire to create a sound that resonates with a broad audience and amplifies the empowering nature of the lyrics. The low ominous rumble of a bass synth, coupled with higher pitched starry sounding electric guitars toward the end, create a tension in this complex soundscape that Dobbins feels mirrors the tension that sometimes arises when she faces the giants in her own mind. The anthem-like drum pattern that appears at the song’s first pre-chorus is later echoed in the last pre-chorus, serving up a victorious reminder that sometimes our thoughts don’t align with the truth, and preludes the ultimate mantra “giants are make-believe” which Dobbins sings repeatedly through the end of the song.

Drawing comparisons to Sara Bareilles’ Brave and Rachel Platten’s Fight Song, Giants promises to send powerful sound waves into the hearts and minds of listeners, waves that alter atmospheres and empower individuals. The song is positioned to become a marker soundtrack for anyone ready to realize their true strength and break through barriers. With its uplifting message and high-quality production, Katie’s new single is poised to make a lasting impact on audiences seeking motivation and encouragement.

Giants will be available on Friday, March 1st on all major music platforms. For press inquiries, interviews and more, please contact: katiedobbinsmusic@gmail.com

About the artist

NH native Katie Dobbins is a singer-songwriter living out her motto Be You Be Brave Be Free. Releasing several singles this past year, earning recognition at the 2023 New England Music and Best of Lakes Region Awards, and hosting/performing in her successful monthly songwriter-in-the-round series at Hermit Woods Winery’s premier listening room, Katie has established herself as a powerful voice in the music industry. Giants is the latest addition to her impressive catalog, showcasing her commitment to empowering and inspiring her audience.

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