Q&A with local musician Lucas Gallo

Published: 03-13-2024 8:00 AM

What first got you into music/art/performance? There was always music in my house as a child. On weekends, there were always the sounds of Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Aerosmith, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix, etc. blasting out of my father’s Bose speakers. In addition to that, my grandmother, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all musicians.

How would you describe the music/art/performance that you typically create? I write songs that are typically in the “singer/songwriter” realm, but when I play with a full band, the songs have a bit more of a jammier vibe.

What is your favorite song to perform? That’s a tough question! There are songs I enjoy performing for a variety of reasons. One of my favorite covers to play live is “Duncan” by Paul Simon and one of my favorite originals to play live is “By the By.”

Which famous musician do you admire the most? There are so many that have been inspirational in one way or another, either by their lyrics, by their playing, or by their lives. It’s hard to narrow it down to one, but I will say that I admire my fellow local musicians the most. All of them out there playing their hearts out in everything from dark dive bars to big stages, that’s a love of the craft and that, to me, is inspirational.

What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career? I’m a teacher so I try to balance that with family and music.

Do you collaborate with others? What is that process like? I do. It’s always an inspiring process that opens my perspective and my mind to other ways of thinking about song structure, lyrics, and performing.

What is the best advice you’ve been given? Don’t take it too seriously. Everyone has an opinion.

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? Every time I perform. It’s ebbed and flowed over the years. I’ve had full blown panic attacks mid-song which makes for an interesting performance. Haha.

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What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps? Write. Play. Collaborate. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Work together. Be weary of those with their own agendas. Help create a community. Support that community. Help elevate that community. Write. Play. Support original musicians, artists, performers, and creatives. Put yourself out there no matter how scary it seems.

How do you stay inspired and motivated to create new music? Inspiration comes in fits and stops. Ride the wave when it’s there and chase it when it’s not.

What projects are you currently working on? I’m always playing solo (Lucas Gallo) or with my band (Lucas Gallo & The Guise)

Visit Gallo’s website at www.lucasgallomusic.com or find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lucasgallomusic.