Letter: It is bogus how much money is in politics

Published: 04-12-2024 2:41 PM

I want to thank Gov. Sunnunu for saying on March 27 in the Concord Monitor, “The fact that someone can write a $250,000 check to a PAC and no one ever sees it or knows where it comes from, that’s bogus.” It is bogus how much money is in politics. I hope the governor is ready to pull up his sleeves and fix the influence of money in politics and its detrimental impact on marginalized communities, incarcerated individuals and women of color. The role of money in our political system has created barriers to justice and equality for these vulnerable populations. The influence of big money in politics has led to policies and decisions that disproportionately harm incarcerated people and women of color here in the U.S.

Super PACs, and campaign contributions from powerful groups like the 12 mega donors have outside influence in our elections. Often result in legislation that favors the rich and wealthy and continues systemic inequalities. As a result of this, marginalized communities face many barriers like limited access to resources, and opportunities. Additionally the intersection of race and gender intensifies the challenges faced by women of color. Especially those incarcerated. Systemic racism and sexism further marginalize these individuals, making it more difficult for them to advocate for their rights and wellbeing. Achieving true democracy is important. By addressing the corrupting influence and reducing the role of money in politics. Will amplify the voices of the people.

Ophelia Burnett


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