Letter: Navigating governance challenges

Published: 04-12-2024 2:41 PM

Let’s revisit the impactful message delivered by Kass Ardinger to the board on Dec. 6, 2023. In her address, she eloquently highlighted the intricate relationship between community engagement and the distinctive governance system of the Concord School District. Ardinger emphasized the pivotal role of fiscal autonomy granted to the elected school board, urging caution against disregarding community input, especially on crucial decisions like selecting a site for a new middle school. She underscored the delicate nature of this governance model, built upon trust between elected officials and the community. Ardinger warned against dismissing the community’s consensus on the middle school’s location, acknowledging the potential long-term repercussions that could weaken the district’s governance structure.

Her insights serve as a timely reminder of the significance of honoring community voices in decision-making processes. Why hasn’t Concord been able to emulate the triumphs of the Nashua School District governance model in the construction of a new middle school and the renovation of two others? Despite the scrutiny of Nashua aldermen, Nashua’s project was accomplished within schedule and budgetary limits, showcasing efficient planning, community involvement, transparent governance, strategic alliances, and adaptability. Concord can adopt this model successfully, but only through collaboration rather than imposition.

Jeff Wells


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