Letter: New Hampshire on track to pass “book ban” bill

Published: 04-10-2024 3:12 PM

Jeremy Margolis’ recent article outlines a book ban bill that has passed through the New Hampshire Senate, and the contents of the bill should concern all New Hampshire residents. The bill offers a system for reporting books to the school, which sounds great in theory. However, the ultimate decision on whether or not a book is banned falls on the school board. Now what if the school board gets it wrong? What if they ban books they shouldn’t for fear of public backlash? Of over 4,000 books that have been a target of book bans, 47% were either about or written by people of color and/or the LGBTQ+ community.

This legislation, while not directly targeting minority groups, will have that effect. This bill cannot pass, or it will threaten the educational and intellectual freedom of students. New Hampshire youths will grow up only hearing the same voices and opinions. Instead of simply banning books, we must foster a learning environment that promotes critical thinking and dialogue. I urge you to reach out to your representatives about this bill. Tell them that it doesn’t make our schools safer, but it restricts the learning of our children.

Chase Peterson


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