Letter: Cowards in Congress need to act

Published: 04-11-2024 3:35 PM

Until last fall, the United States was the world’s standard bearer for democracy, freedom, and humanitarian rights. Now, not so much. Right now $60 billion worth of American-made military equipment sits ready to be shipped to Ukraine. This, while Ukrainian cities are again being destroyed by Russian missiles as Ukraine runs out of air defense missiles; this, while an average of 100 Ukrainian soldiers die every day; this, while about a dozen civilians are killed in targeted civilian attacks every day. This, while House Speaker Mike Johnson refuses to even allow a vote on the Ukraine military assistance package approved by the Senate.

Why is Mike Johnson allowing, no, causing, this to happen? Johnson, like many Republican congressmen, is terrified of candidate Trump and his “enthusiastic supporters” (remember January 6?) while Trump inexplicably and inexcusably lobbies in favor of Vladimir Putin and against Ukraine. Many in Congress have abandoned their ethics and their oaths of service as they devote their careers to placating candidate Trump. The last major U.S. security package to Ukraine passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 368-57. They know the right thing to do. Voters need to contact Johnson and demand that he continues U.S. support for Ukraine. Better yet, urge congressmen to force Mike Johnson to allow an aid vote by signing the discharge petition, HR 1016. How many Ukrainian school kids, housewives, and office workers will be killed by Russia’s cruise missiles while Congress plays games?

Russell Perkins


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