Letter: Medical homegrown

Published: 04-10-2024 3:12 PM

I have a NH medical cannabis card. Cannabis helps me manage chronic pain, while avoiding the use of opioids. I truly appreciate the products offered by the NH’s Alternative Treatment Centers, but their products are expensive and not covered by insurance. I also must drive 30-50 miles to obtain medical cannabis from an ATC, and all of their plants are grown indoors. I’m writing to encourage the NH Senate to pass HB 1231, which already passed the NH House. HB 1231 would allow NH medical cannabis card holders and caregivers to cultivate a few (3) therapeutic cannabis plants for personal medical use.

As an organic gardener, I would like to know exactly how my medical cannabis is grown. By growing my own, I would be able to choose varieties or strains which best fit my needs, while growing the plants in healthy, fertile soil. Under HB 1231, all patients who want to grow medical cannabis would have to register their grow locations with the DHHS. The state would know exactly who is growing medical cannabis, and in what locations. The states’ therapeutic cannabis program has operated successfully for over 7 years, with no scandals or problems. HB 1231 will strengthen and help sustain the program, while reducing costs and expanding treatment options for medical cannabis patients.

James Riddle


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